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Our President & CEO


Lisa Wickham, MBA Distinction (Warwick University) is an award-winning Film Producer-Director with over 40 years experience in the media industry.

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Chief Executive Officer,

Media InSite Ltd.


Lisa Wickham is one of the most dynamic persons I have ever met. She is focused, driven and works relentlessly towards achieving her goals and targets. Lisa raised sponsorship funds, produced and directed the COTT Music Awards in 2007 and 2008. She is the first person to realize my vision for the Awards and produced a Show of excellent quality - both live and recorded.


Managing Director / Consultant at WISVENTURE Consulting Ltd


Lisa was the event planner on one of the bigger projects I've worked on, to host 300+ international professionals on a 4 day conference, with mutiple social events and a spouse programme. The timeframe was tight and the budget even more so. Lisa was exceptional in execution of the project schedule and utilising her extended network to resolve numerous issues that could have put the project at risk. She also had extremely creative ideas that gave the impression of 'the best quality' but at the fraction of what you would think the cost was. In the end, the conference was a huge success, the biggest in terms of attendance in its 40 year history, and still today referred to as one of the best conference experiences by regular attendees.


Lisa played an invaluable role in delivery of this conference, and I fully endorse her as a professional and as a person of great ambition and highest integrity.


Former Producer

McCann, London


Lisa was fantastic and really helped us with a production with quite a few unknown elements. Also the talent were extremely grateful for her and the team's help when arriving into Trinidad.


Creative Director

McCann, Port-of-Spain


Thank you so much to your team for the vision and imagination that went into that spot. It's always great working with you and the team.


Communications, Brand & Event Management Specialist


Looking for enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity? Then Lisa is absolutely the person for you. A broad smile and a look straight in the eye are the first indications of her positive nature and an ability to face challenges head on. In the years that I've known Lisa, both in her business capacity and as a member of the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad & Tobago, I've seen first hand how she manages to juggle several roles and yet deliver as and when needed. She does it all with a powerful dose of 'can do' that's infectious!

lauren Allison


Co Founder Gayelle Limited


Lisa is energetic and unrelenting. She has a keen eye and is a stickler for detail. She is among the best television producers in the region.


Director Animae Caribe Animation & Digital Media Festival Founder &

Director Full Circle Animation Studio


Lisa is one of the most consistent, reliable, media professionals that I have worked with in this industry. Not only does she deliver, but she also provides a level of professionalism that makes working with her a pleasure. Lisa's word is GOLD and in this industry that is worth so much. I would recommend her to anyone, as the combination of commitment and creativity makes her a Caribbean and global Gem

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Director/Co-writer                Producer/Co-writer

Home Again                          Home Again


We first met Lisa Wickham when we were scouting locations for our feature Home Again.  As she shepherded our team around the island, two things became apparent to us: firstly – Trinidad would serve as a good location for our film with it’s many different looks and secondly - we would need to work with Lisa Wickham as a Line Producer.  Lisa’s unique skill set and knowledge of both film production and Trinidad at large puts her ahead of the pack.  We had a great experience shooting Home Again and we are looking forward to our next experience shooting our next movie in Trinidad with Ms. Wickham.